CH Wellshire Mr Majestic

GCH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness CD HXAs RN VCX CGC TT x Wellshire Lady Luck


Deuce got his name from two dots that appeared on the top of his head when he was born that aligned perfectly like a playing card. He grew into a big powerful dog we re-nicknamed “the Giant,” he is structurally sound and proportionate per the Cardigan Welch Corgi AKC standard. He has a strong back, long neck and thick legs to go along with his beautiful red brindle coat. He is the fastest dog we own and is able to keep up with riders on horseback and he has incredible stamina.

Luc, his uncle has taken him on as his personal prodigy and is with him at all times especially outdoors. We finished Deuce as an AKC Registered Champion just after his second birthday and will allow him time now to grow into his frame before we compete with him again in the conformation ring. He has strong herding instincts like his sister “Darby” and we plan on training him with a herding instructor this fall.

Deuce is my pick of the “Magic and Chase” litter and he will never be sold. He is available for stud for those breeders looking for a long strong back, outstanding red bridle coat and fine registered pedigree.

Below you can see, Deuce (right) at 14 month next to an image of one of his famous distant relatives, maybe you can see the likeness too?

We are very proud of Deuce as he has an excellent disposition and is very willing to please.

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