Our Cardigans

Wellshire began with the arrival of April in 1996. April, and later Lucky and Cassie, have each been influential in passing on those physical and Cardigan characteristics we feel are most important – temperament, intelligence, instinct as well as soundness, movement and physical type.

All of our current and future Cardigans are and will be influenced by these three who were so very special.

Glynhavn April Sparks

Twinroc Top Drawer x CH Phi Vestavia Quite A Lady

April pictured after arriving at Wellshire.

April came to us from Donna and Loren Pierson of Glynhavn in Puyallup, Washington. April was our first cardigan and queen of the house. She never became a champion, but this was by her choice, not ours. April taught us a lot about life and about the true spirit of a Cardigan. She loved to herd, track, hunt and chase balls. She left us quietly in her sleep  in September 2009 at the age of 13, having taught many of our puppies some good old tricks. We are thankful to John and Laurie Bookter for allowing us to breed April to Tyler. April passed on her classic Cardigan beauty, her sweet temperament, intelligence and instinct. She will always be a champion in our hearts.

CH Bookter’s Lucky Call

CH D Cross Bookter’s Tyler Tyrant x Glynhavn April Sparks

Lucky finishing his conformation championship

Lucky was our first home bred champion. He is one of those special dogs, the kind that holds your heart forever. He finished his championship quickly despite our amateur handling skills or lack of them. Lucky was Eric’s constant companion and traveled everywhere with him. They shared a special bond. Although not officially trained to herd, Lucky learned to help move our cattle on our ranch.He passed just short of his 9th birthday. Lucky’s sire Tyler was BOB at 1995 National Specialty in Florida. He passed on his wonderful movement to Lucky. Lucky in turn passed on his sweet temperament, beautiful movement, intelligence and beautiful head to his children and great grandchildren. He will always walk beside us and waits at the Rainbow Bridge with April.


CH Sisterwood Suede’s Sunburst

CH Winbuck’s Max ‘Em CD x Quaint’s Glistened Sueded Jade

Cassie came to live with us in February 2005. We had been looking for just the right red brindle female. We are so thankful and were fortunate that Neila Gelvin and Pat Mann of Sisterwood entrusted us with Cassie.She was one of the most beautiful Cardigans we had ever seen. When Cassie moves it is effortless, she floats on air, a trait she passed down to her children and great grandchildren. A trait she passed to her granddaughter Nikki, Winners Bitch at the 2011 National. In 2007, we bred Cassie to Lucky and had a litter of 5, 3 females and 2 males. We kept 3 of the puppies (I know).

Cassie as a youngster


Now meet our younger group of Cardigans that carry on the legacy of April, Lucky, and Cassie. They are the future of Wellshire.

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