About Wellshire

Since Eric and I purchased our first Cardigan in 1996, we remain devoted to this very unique herding breed. I primarily show our Cardigans but they are my devoted companions. When on the ranch, they help with chores and work cattle without having the benefit of formal training.

They have a delightful personality and are extremely intelligent and full of fun and energy. Our Cardigans are like all others – creating their own entertainment and devising ways to keep themselves busy — sometimes to our delight and other times not. They are definitely not a breed for the faint of heart. They require a loving and stimulating home and will reward you with loyalty and love.






As our interest in the breed grew we looked for a name that reflects not only us but our Cardigans. In the summer of 2006, our nephew Brendan DeBlois came to visit us. It was a few days before my birthday and he knew I wanted an outdoor fireplace to sit around in the evenings and watch sunsets. He decided to build me beautiful rock fire pit as a birthday gift. When it was finished we affectionately called it the “shire”. A poetic word mainly used in poetic context and in lieu of the word “county” in England, Wales and Scotland. Since we were already looking for a kennel name we decided to combine part of our name with the word “shire” and we have hence been called Wellshire. It seemed to just fit perfectly.

The dogs we own and breed live in our home with us and we take great care of each of them and expect the same of anyone who is lucky to be owned by one of our Cardigans. They bring joy to our life every day and are funny, lively and downright beautiful.

Enjoy your visit.



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